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Brandon + Patrick :: From Purple Ribbons to Aloha to Britney Spears

dj pat

The names Pat + Brandon might sound familiar to those who follow our blog as I wrote about them on May 31, 2014. Fast forward two months to Sunday, July 20, 2014…and they finally tied the knot after almost a […] Read more…

Southern California Wedding Photojournalism :: What’s Up?

photoj 10

What  is the difference between traditional wedding photography + photojournalism? A lot! First of all, the highest quality wedding photojournalism requires a very long, expensive lens so that the photographer can be far away from the guests or the bride […] Read more…

Jillian + Daniel :: The Case of the Missing Rings

Jillian Long

July 12, 2014, was a day of, let’s say, surprises for Jillian + Daniel. They found out the week before their wedding that their venue, the Red Hawk Golf Club in Temecula, had double-booked their wedding site. They ended up […] Read more…

Glam Trash the Dress Photo Shoot in Huntington Beach


WynDee + Bryan :: Casual Backyard Elegance


On Sunday, June 29, 2014, the Revolution Weddings crew was honored to be at Bryan + WynDee’s wedding at a gorgeous home in the hills of Santa Ana. WynDee + Bryan met online 5 years ago. WynDee knew Bryan wasn’t […] Read more…

Morgan + Todd :: The Colors of the Barbados Flag


I met Morgan and her entourage (her mom, the groom’s mom, some bridesmaids, etc) at the San Diego Wedding Event last summer…and within one hour of her booking what is probably the most popular wedding day of the year, I […] Read more…

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