Progressive. Empowering. Revolutionary San Diego Wedding Services.
Why are we willing to write our own vows but not our own rules?
Carrie Bradshaw, Sex + the City


Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, get your money back—no questions asked. We stand by our services, philosophy, + skills 100%...promising you what very few other wedding professionals can—the wedding experience you've always dreamed of!

Wedding-Worthy Attire

No stretch pants. Or sweats. Or uncombed hair. Or sneakers. Yes, they are comfortable on long work-days...but they are not appropriate for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like your wedding. You'll probably be wearing the most expensive outfit of your life...we think you deserve better than vendors in stretch pants + sneakers.

Singing 'Kumbaya'

OK, we don't really sing 'Kumbaya,' but the Rev Wed crew does all play nicely together at your wedding...being that we've all worked together many times before + all have the same objectives. The last thing you need to worry about is the photographer not getting along with the coordinator on your big day!

Wedding Industrial Complex

We are the antidote to what Offbeat Bride calls the 'wedding industrial complex' (i.e. you should buy a $1000+ white gown, spend $30,000, have 6 bridesmaids, throw a bouquet, dance to the YMCA, be Mrs. His Name, + obsess over DIY napkin holders.)

We're Not in a Hurry to Leave

We don't start tearing down until after your Last Dance. We heart weddings--really--even when we're tired + it's late. Plus, cleaning up early is a major buzz kill for your par-tay, sending a message to your guests that the fun is over, go home.

Streamline Planning

Save planning time by not repeating the same info over + over to different vendors--tell one of us about the schedule change + we'll tell everyone else. Dealing with just one company will help save your sanity!

No Contact the Week of the Wedding

Our company-wide policy is NO CONTACT with the couple the week of the wedding. Our planning with you will be done before then. You'll have plenty of other last-minute stressors--we won't be one of them!

Trusted Industry Professionals

Yes, we have insurance + belong to professional trade organizations like the Association of Bridal Consultants...we even go to industry conferences each year like the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas.

'The Best Wedding Reception...EVER!'

Rev Wed's company philosophy is based on Peter Merry's book 'The Best Wedding Reception...EVER,' the go-to source for putting together a FUN wedding.

No Equipment Left Laying Around

Your guests don't need to be tripping over equipment boxes...or looking at them. We keep 'back-of-house' stuff where it belongs!

Team Walkie Talkies

A la J.Lo in 'The Wedding Planner,' our crew uses discreet walkie talkies to communicate during your wedding, making communication fast + easy. Cut out the 'run around'...plus, now your photographers have 10 or 12 eyes on the look-out for great photo ops!

Fun, Stress-Free, Pretty

Yep...those are our company-wide goals for your big day. We set the bar high + aim to make each wedding we do gossip-worthy for years to come!


Writing Custom Wedding Ceremonies


Master of Ceremonies




Hair + Make-Up








Speaking Spanish (Wedding Ceremonies, MCing, Translating Toasts)



Book as many services as you can with a single vendor. For example, if your wedding planner or florist offers lighting, rentals and invitations, you can potentially score a big discount for packaging them together, rather than hiring different vendors to execute each element.
Bridal Guide, '50 Clever Wedding Tricks to Make Your Life Easier,' 11.20.14

The Revolution

$ 7999

Retail Value $9,251
  • DJ/MC
  • Custom-Written Ceremony + Officiating
  • Photojournalism Team
  • Engagement Photo Shoot
  • Wedding Coordination
  • Uplighting -or- Custom Monogram Light
  • 1 Hour On-Location Massage
  • Video Photo Booth with Props
  • Videography Team
  • Ceremony Soloist
  • Candy Buffet -or- Slideshow
  • Boudoir -or- Trash the Dress Photo Shoot

Quiet Riot

$ 5649

Retail Value $6,490
  • DJ/MC
  • Custom-Written Ceremony + Officiating
  • Photojournalism Team
  • Engagement Photo Shoot
  • Wedding Coordination
  • Uplighting
  • 1 Hour On-Location Massage
  • Photo Booth with Props
  • Raw Footage Videography

Civil Disobedience

$ 3739

Retail Value: $4,345
  • DJ/MC
  • Custom-Written Ceremony + Officiating
  • Photojournalism Team
  • Engagement Photo Shoot
Staci DJ + Officiant
Staci writes the "Wedding Beat" column for Mobile Beat magazine, read by tens of thousands of DJs around the country. Her wedding know-how has also appeared on Offbeat Bride, Wedding Planner magazine, Brides Without Borders, Gig Masters Wedding Blog...plus she is a "Guest Expert Blogger" for Wed Loft. She was a champion debater in school and has been trained as a professional wedding MC. Staci is also an expert in country music + dancing, having hosted the 2014 Stagecoach Festival Honky Tonk. Habla español.
Jessica Master Stylist
Jessica is the most experienced wedding professional at Rev Wed with 10 years dedicated not just to hair + make-up but to BRIDAL hair + make-up. She trained at a very exclusive beauty academy in Atlanta, learning classic French hairstyling techniques--and it easily shows in her work. She keeps her ear to the street on the latest wedding trends--which also easily shows. Did we mention Jessica does air brushing, the true gold standard of wedding day make-up!
Mikaela Coordinator + Florist
Mikaela wrote in her cover letter when applying to Rev Wed: "I love love." Yep, another wedding junkie! Mikaela also studied hospitality at Cal State + coordinated a variety of corporate charity events for the school. She attended the San Diego School of Floral Design as well. And definitely watch out for her stompin' boots if your wedding DJ plays "Footloose"!
Monica Videographer + Singer
Monica is super passionate about the "revolution" in Revolution Weddings...and considers herself a bona fide lover of weddings! She majored in Film at Temple University in her hometown of Philadelphia before moving to LA. Her work experience ranges from comedy sitcoms to documentaries. Habla español.
Minmin Videographer
Minmin studied cinematography at UCLA with a scholarship from the Motion Picture Association. She has tons of experience in every aspect of cinematography ranging from directing photography to assisting the producer...And, yes, she is another bilingual--or shall we say trilingual--Rev Wed crew member (Minmin speaks Mandarin + Taiwanese).
Flavia Violin Soloist
Flavia is Rev Wed's Brazilian violin superstar. As the most educated person on the Rev Wed roster, we are quite proud of her Master's Degree in Violin Performance. She currently teaches violin at San Diego State + leads the San Diego Youth Symphony. In addition to Portuguese + English, Flavia also speaks Spanish.
Abbey Photographer
Abbey's our photography wonda' from Down Unda.' She has a Bachelor's Degree in Photo Media from the University of Sydney. She has worked at some of Sydney's swankiest studios like Studio 504 + Morffew Photos. Her background ranges from fashion photography to portraiture.
Brandon + Pat
Brandon + Pat Coordinators
Brandon + Pat set the bar for customer service, passion for weddings, creative problem solving, + attention to detail. Wedding coordinating is their welcome escape from corporate weekdays! Plus, as newlyweds themselves, Pat + Brandon understand your position like nobody's business.
Nicole Photographer
Nicole is an award-winning photographer with both an AA + BA in Photography. She has worked at one of the nation's leading portrait companies + was voted "Best Photographer" by her college newspaper.
Sherry Massage Therapist
Sherry won over the entire Rev Wed staff when she did chair massages at one of our company parties. She provides day-of wedding massages on-site as well as non-surgical face lift/micro-current treatments (or chair massages for your guests during the reception--YEA!). Sherry graduated from the Holistic Life Institute, completing a 500-hour program in both Western and Eastern massage techniques...AND studied Clinical Massage at the Soma Institute, completing a 750-hour program. Plus, her experience at both Chicago + San Diego luxury spas translates perfectly to the wedding world.